First Post: So what is Delirium Dog all about, anyway?

For the last couple years, I’ve been content with having Delirium Dog remain shrouded in mystery. As the guy behind the music, I was comfortable hiding in the shadows–just a silhouette walking through a tunnel of swirling light, perhaps in some far-off galaxy. It’s about the music, man! Who cares about the person making it? I’m not Lady Gaga and I don’t design my own clothes.

Could be title "Birth of DD"

But I’ve come to realize (after telling it a few times) that the story of how DD came to be may be interesting to a number of people. And the story of where it is going may be more interesting still. It’s a story about wrestling your own creative energies, facing your fears, discovering new things (constantly), staying curious, staying crazy, and keeping calm. It’s about music and sound and video, for sure, but it’s also about culture, friendship, psychology, emotions, and all the big choices about how we live our lives. That’s starting to sound heavy, but don’t worry. I’ll be taking it all on one blog post at a time.

So whether or not you’re a fan of my music, or this style of music (whatever you may call it), I hope there will be something here for you. Welcome and thanks sincerely for stopping by–your attention is always appreciated.


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