My Favorite Sites for Musicians

Earlier I mentioned that I was trying to read more music sites (and less news). Here’s my list of sites I’ve started going to to help push my music forward. They are in no particular order. I plan to revise and repost this list as I find myself gravitating toward certain ones, adding new ones, and moving away from others.

Any suggestions? Drop them in the comments, please!

Digital Music News
A no-frills feed of all the major music stories everyone will probably be blogging about.

Create Digital Music
Keeps me up what folks are doing with new music technology. Goes beyond filling me with gearlust by providing me with expert commentary about why I should or should not be having such lust.

Derek Sivers
Founder of CD Baby (which I use and heartily approve) gives insider tips and inspiration for indie artists.

The DIY Musician Blog
CD Baby’s blog for musicians, choc full of great ideas. They’ve got a great podcast as well.

Bobby Owsinski’s Big Picture Production Blog
A music industry veteran discusses the craft of recording.  Provides some amazing isolated tracks from classic recordings and analyzes them.

Music 3.0
One gestalt about the current state of the music industry today (and by today, I mean the past few hours).

MTT – Music Think Tank
I’m quickly growing fond of this group blog that always gives me just the little morsel of thought or shot int the arm I was hoping for. Covers a variety of music industry topics in a news-artists-can-use kind of way.

A popular news feed covering the latest music industry news.

Pro Sound Web
Nice and geeky, but readable articles for pro sound professionals.

Berklee Music Blogs
A great roster of music professionals contribute items about all aspects of the music industry.

David Byrne’s Journal
One of the few musicians I can stand to read.

Tony Levin
The bass legend has been blogging nearly forever, and is by all accounts a super-nice guy.

The Savvy Musician BlogBlog companion to the book of the same name and yet another useful perspective.’s advice for Musicians and Bands
If you need to start back at the beginning, as we all do sometimes, this site is full of how-to’s that assume little prior knowledge.

Blogs | Why Music Matters
It’s all hopeless, nothing I’m doing matters…Oh wait! Yes it does! And this site’s mission is to show you why.

An Ableton Live Tutorial Blog
Been using Live more lately and often need a little shove when I get stuck.

Danski’s Logic Pro Blog
Logic Studio is my main recording/composition tool and I can always learn more.  I sure wish this was a bigger daily site, but for now it will have to do.

Not about music so much, but I need to feed my mind with some visual form & function as well and this long-running daily provides such nourishment.

2 Responses to “My Favorite Sites for Musicians”

  1. Hey there, thanks for the link. I noticed in my site’s stats!

    Glad you appreciate my blog. I’m posting as I go, whatever
    I bump into while in my studio. As long as it’s interesting.


  2. Glad you’re still at it, Danski–you just posted a bunch of stuff yesterday, in fact. Thanks for stopping buy. Looking forward to following your posts.

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