Ping…not just yet another music networking thingy on the interwebs.

As soon as you feel all cozy and comfortable about your music being on enough sites for anyone to find it, yet another comes along. Each of the social music sites takes some care and feeding, so I’ve started to ignore new ones until I hear people say something like “you basically don’t exist unless you are on…”. So now adding to Facebook, MySpace, iLike, LastFM, Reverb NationPandora, and others I cannot recall in a single sitting, we have….Ping!

Far as I can tell, there is one thing that sets Ping apart from the other music sites–that it’s not really a site so much as a new function built into iTunes.  And iTunes just happens to be the biggest music seller out there, backed by Apple and all, so I figured it would be smart to get my stuff in there.

It’s actually not perfectly straightforward for an artist to set up shop in Ping. Initially, it was “invitation only” and then they only took submissions from labels. Thanks to CD Baby, I was able to fall under the latter category, and got DD’s Ping profile up with minimal hassle on my part. From what I understand, there is an army of folks manually inputting information into the Apple mothership as we speak, and eventually every act will be in there. So I don’t have much license to feel smug about this, but at least I’m in Ping a few days (or perhaps minutes) before some of my contemporaries.

Is anyone out there actively using Ping and can advocate for it’s special pingy goodness?

3 Responses to “Ping…not just yet another music networking thingy on the interwebs.”

  1. So I just pinged you and it shows that your listeners also bought Britney Spears, Lady GaGa, The Veronicas, Michael Jackson and Ke$sha. Curious. Interesting.

    • I saw that. Thanks for the Ping, Bro! I can’t find any rhyme or reason to it, myself. I must be popping up on some list in iTunes somewhere, or in that sidebar thingy that shows related artists, because I can’t figure out how you “discover” an obscure artists otherwise. I’m probably benefiting greatly from getting on there early.

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