So now this happens: videos posted by fans

Twas a time not very long ago when if someone posted a song of yours on the web without your consent it was considered a violation of your property.  Now, it’s flattering.  Whatever the legality of it, I see the unauthorized videos below as nothing but a good thing. So long as it’s fan-motivated, and not commercial (very important!), it’s always fun to see what happens to a song once it’s out there.

This benefits me in many ways. First of all, one person liked my work enough to make a video of it (however minimal) and upload it to YouTube. That’s cool in and of itself. Second, they’ve introduced the song to a few hundred and eventually a few thousand folks that would not have seen it otherwise. It helps greatly that the posters properly attribute my work so any interested party can find it.

Then there’s an even bigger favor they’re doing me. Many people use YouTube to listen to music, so having music on there is advantageous. However, when I release an “official” DD video, I feel like I would need to do something more than just show a static image. What sort of self-respecting multimedia artist could get away with that? I do plan on releasing a number of videos and some will be more minimal than others, but I will take the opportunity to show a little more than a slideshow. These good-hearted fans have taken the burden off of me by getting the music out there while I can bide my time doing something more fancy. I probably won’t release a video for that song anyway, since it was already prominently featured in a trailer for the Scarehouse.

So what’s not to like? So long as it’s not being used for any money-making venture, I don’t see any downside.

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