Music Site Heat Map (2010)

The big news is that Pandora dwarfs all the sites shown below, and that YouTube Music is a colossus that crushes all the others many times over. But the rest of the music sites still get tons of eyeballs (and ears, one assumes), so here’s a map of how they all fared in 2010. They are shown by their relative size with red indicating shrinkage and green indicating growth over the previous year. Keep in mind that Ping is not included here because it is built into iTunes and not a site.

I’m still rooting for CD Baby for all they do for artists (other sites are not always so artist friendly), and I’m sad to see that it got fewer hits (-4%). Still, it’s a distribution service as much as a destination site, so that may not be the total story of how well they are faring. Their revenue comes from a percentage of sales, and that counts music they sell through iTunes, Emusic, and others.

I discovered Soundcloud only recently, but I like how their interface focuses directly on the music. I used their player in my last post and will do so again.

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One thing that is clear is that I need to get my music into and Grooveshark. I’ve got the other biggies covered, so just two more and I can rest for couple minutes.


2 Responses to “Music Site Heat Map (2010)”

  1. When I read your blog it’s like talking to my husband. Except he’s usually trying to convince me that we should pay certain fees to get his music on certain sites. He’s slowly growing roots in different places; you guys should talk.

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