My (Not) Evil Plan is Working

I’ve been pretty productive lately. Not with blogging so much, but with music and trying to give birth to a new album within my self-imposed deadline (early May). I think I owe much of this productivity to a change I made a month ago to replace the time I spend reading about news with reading about music (or music news).

The bottom line is that it is working. And I’m definitely happier about things as well. I think it’s working because when I get to have that precious time to actually work on music, I spend a lot less time shifting gears. I don’t have to pivot from politics and world events to music because I’ve already been thinking about music. I’m ready and motivated to create something. I’m happier because I’m reading more about things I am able to act upon rather than factors outside of my control. I feel empowerment rather than despair. Sometimes I feel a bit of stress, too, but in the right quantities the stress can be a good thing. It keeps me motivated.

So far, then, I would heartily recommend this change.

2 Responses to “My (Not) Evil Plan is Working”

  1. I recently read “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss. The book is full of many interesting concepts including this one. Let other people filter through the vast amount of current world events for you. You can sufficiently keep up things by occasionally asking someone what is new in the world. Saves you lots of time and gives you something else to talk about besides the weather.

  2. Interesting–I’ve found myself doing just that now when I talk to people, especially during lunch. The one thing I have to give up is the idea that I’m the guy who always knows that latest news. But having others tell it to you is not so bad.

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