Your Precious Attention

When I say that your attention is greatly appreciated, I mean it. With the digital world creating a critical crisis of attention, the attention of a single human brain has become a truly precious commodity.

This makes being an artist and musician extremely difficult, and blogging seem especially futile. How can you get anyone to focus on your work for even a moment, let alone have the sort of deep, meaningful impact all artists wish to have? Most of the time all you can do is keep putting your work out there knowing that someone, somewhere, will direct their precious attention your way and like what they see or hear.

Me, distracted by bright shiny dots

I know I’m lucky to have the small outlet that I do–one where I know that a certain number of people will hear my music when it is released. That definitely keeps pushing me along, but ultimately I make music because I have to. Because I would go truly insane if I did not.

The fact that there is an audience paying attention is a huge plus, however, so know this: If you pause to absorb anything I create, I am in your debt. I know you are busy, and the competition for your eyeballs and fierce and limitless. If you are reading this, you are my friend.

And remember: in the information economy, your attention is an extremely valuable commodity to both to yourself and others. Use it wisely!

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  1. I’m your friend.

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