So That Happened…

We think they got lucky-they were aiming for the door knob area and discovered that the panel was weak enough to kick through. We're replacing it with a metal model.

Yep, last Thursday our house was broken into and a few things were stolen. Basically, a computer, a PS3, some games, and a few other items. Worse things have happened, worse things can happen, and worse things will happen in the future. And, it could have been worse.

I could write a lot of words about this experience, and in fact have done that in a previous draft. But at this point, I’d rather not dwell on it. We’re making some minor adjustments to make the house more secure, but not letting it change our lives.

The most important thing I could do I already did: I backed up all my data on a hard drive that was fortunately not stolen. My laptop is gone and with it the entire album I’ve been working on for months.¬†Without the backup, I might have had to hang it up altogether and go live in the woods somewhere because there was so much of my creative output on that laptop. The only additional thing I need to do is to better hide the backup and upload the most essential files to the cloud, because I was so durned lucky that our burglars were not interested in the hard drive that was sitting right beside my laptop. “Phew!” doesn’t begin to describe how I feel about that. Now that the backup drive is the most important thing I own, I backed that up as well and hid the backup backup elsewhere.

In case the moral of this story is not painfully clear, let me spell it out:


Got it? Good.


One Response to “So That Happened…”

  1. Oh my oh my oh my. So sorry about all this. So glad you backed up. It’s terribly invasive to have been robbed, but losing data would have made everything so much worse.

    When Greg and I first got married and lived in Wilkinsburg, our house was robbed. This was before laptops, so they only got a few things. But I remember walking through my house feeling awful that someone had been in there.

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