Back in Time (Machine)

Not posting much lately because I’m still getting things back in order after losing my laptop to theives. It feels like having a brain transplant.

I must say, however, that transferring all my files to the new machine (a screamin’ new Macbook Pro) was a breeze with my Time Machine backup drive. It’s yet another OS X feature that works so well that you can instantly take it for granted. Upon booting up the new machine for the first time, I just hooked up the backup drive and told it transfer all my info from that. An hour later, I booted up to my old, familiar desktop and nearly wept. Everything opened and worked as it did before, aside from having to re-enter some serial numbers for the software  that’s smart enough to know it’s on a different computer.

My work momentum was slowed a good bit, but I hope to get that back this weekend. Too bad I couldn’t just restore that from a backup drive as well.

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