Liberty. Tragedy. Lucky.

I spent the past weekend in NYC and parts of NJ where a high school friend of mine hosted me and another high school friend visiting from the West coast. We reconnected, toured around Ellis Island (thought provoking) the Statue of Liberty (as moving as I expected) and parts of Greenwich Village and Little Italy (intoxicating as always).

I had barely set foot in midtown, right off the bus, when another high school friend (or grade school if you must know) phoned me. He’s the one who is creative director for The Scarehouse and he sez he’s heading out of town and needs someone to handle a video job. I say oh sure, aside from the fact that I’m currently in NYC, I can take it on.

The job is helping out Ghost Hunter Kris Williams with an awareness/fundraising video about the devastating weather that just rolled through the South. She was disturbed by the news being dominated by a particular royal wedding across the sea and not so much about the second largest natural disaster in US history. So she’s having her Facebook fans who live near the wreckage send in footage and asking her reality show colleagues to send in videos of themselves speaking from the heart about how people who have had their lives torn asunder could use your help.

Throughout the weekend, Kris forwarded photos and video content to me and I would opine back to her about how or if we could use the material. All the while, thanks to them smart phones, I was still managing to be a tourist.

This confluence of events resulted in a weekend where I could enjoy the company of good friends, enjoy beautiful weather and good food in NYC, and see sights like this:

While getting emails of tornado damage in Alabama that looks like this:

And feeling very lucky for my life and grateful I can do something, however small, to help.

You can also help by heading here (Red Cross) and giving what you can.

And you can stay right where you are at this very moment and be grateful for what you have.

2 Responses to “Liberty. Tragedy. Lucky.”

  1. Good suggestion. Especially since I’ve been itching to go to NYC but can’t!

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