“Fever Brain Battery” it is, then…

They say you should engage your fans and bring them into the decision making process whenever you can, but the same they’s don’t often discuss the unpredictable results.

Last week, I came up with three possible album titles. One obviously good one (in my mind) and two obviously lesser ones. One of the lesser ones was something like “Trance Chimera” but a friend of mine mentioned that trance is too generic a word in electronica these days. If you buy a keyboard, it’s likely to have a trance button or preset right on it. So ok, I ditched the Trance title and came up with another odd choice that I knew would be equally rejected: “Fever Brain Battery.” I don’t know where it came from. I was just trying to fill the slot.

I put up all three for a vote, knowing that Vox Anodyne was surely, clearly the best title. And here were the results, with 24 votes in…

Fever Brain Battery was the runaway winner! Maybe it’s because I put it first on the list. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just better. I have to say, it does seem to wear well. I like that it could possibly mean something, but never the exact same thing each time you read it. Like a chord that never completely resolves. I like lyrics like that, too.

So the people win…and I lose? Well, they’re all my titles. I allowed people to enter titles of their own, and I only got gag responses. (A high school friend posted “My Colon’s Rally Cap” — har har, Dan!) So I guess I win, too. I was talked out of a lesser title, and I still have Vox Anodyne to kick around for maybe a song title later on.

One Response to ““Fever Brain Battery” it is, then…”

  1. MurdAntha Says:

    That was not a gag reflex. I just enjoy scatological references. I once wanted to name a Saxophone quartet i wAs in “the merde quartet.” Of course, that was shot down.

    OK maybe it was a bit of a gag. I was watching baseball and eating beans.

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