Too Much New Software = Brain Freeze

Last weekend, I opened up a few programs from my newly purchased Adobe Production Premium CS5.5 suite. It was half-off for Final Cut Pro users (for a limited time!) so I decided to go for it. I clicked around and started to get acclimated with After Effects and the new Premier. Not making much progress, but taking that first brain-burning leap.

Exploding ComputerThen I remembered that I had downloaded, but not installed, an upgrade to MetaSynth. I haven’t used MetaSynth in years. It’s been so long that the thought gives me nostalgia. Going from version 2.5 to 5+, I had some catching up to do. I also bundled with it their program Xx, a composition tool that pairs with Metasynth (why not?). I opened up both and started to click around.

Meanwhile, I still had a musical composition to finish (secret squirrel project that I will explain someday), so I went back to good old Logic Pro and pieced together a few more sections of the tune. At one point, I wondered if I should be doing this in Abelton Live instead, but figured I could go there later if I wanted. I’m still more comfortable composing in Logic.

But the video tools were still calling me and I realized that, as a Final Cut Pro user, I had just flirted big time with Premier without having even yet downloaded the new major upgrade to Final Cut. And as the free 30-day trial to Final Cut X was downloading, I opened the latest version Motion and clicked around to see what was different.

Yes, this is all true. I really am nutty enough to purchase several huge, deep applications covering video, graphics, motion graphics, music and sound all in one weekend. Granted, it was a long holiday weekend, but still.

Final Cut X opens up and I feel like a child again taking my first steps in a scary new world. It’s quite different from it’s predecessor. Ten minutes and a nice youtube overview later, I’m importing video from my live performance last month and slogging through an edit.

By the time Sunday evening rolled around, I had achieved precious little. So many awesome and powerful tools, but so little done. Did I mention the new plugins for Logic and Live that I just installed and have not even glanced at? Or the ever-present Web browser windows floating around my desktop, taunting me. Facebook, Twitter,…

I remembered all the progress I made with Abelton Live just a month ago and how I was going to dive even deeper into it an make that my total focus for the rest of the year. I think it will have to wait a few more weeks.

I know I will eventually master some this software, and hopefully moderately competent in the rest. But right now, my brain hurts and I’m frozen by all the possibilities.

Brother, can I borrow 10,000 hours?


2 Responses to “Too Much New Software = Brain Freeze”

  1. Maybe it’s good to look at them all at once, to compare while it’s all fresh in your mind? Or not. You’re a smart guy–you’ll figure it out.

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