The Golden Amulets of Agnes: A Sleep No More Point System

I already posted my in-depth analysis of the sound and music of Sleep No More. Now something just for fun.

Capping a post where he declared Sleep No More to be “Game of the Year for 2011,” Dan Dickinson started a point system for various events one might experience during their stay at the McKittrick. I decided to add to it and, with his permission, post an expanded edition here. Please feel free to add your own via the comments and I can amend this post as we go.

First, a HUGE caveat.

I’m NOT doing this because I think the goal of Sleep No More is to amass points.

As I said at the very end of my earlier post, the whole point of SNM is to pay attention and stay focused on your immediate experience. As soon as you pause to think about how many points you’ve racked up, you should be disqualified from the game. Ok, that’s harsh, but you get the idea.

I suggest you enjoy the experience, then use this list as a fun way of recapping in the days and weeks afterwards when the inevitable withdrawal sets in. I don’t want to get onerous on the rules, so we’ll just keep this on the honor system. Some experiences may accrue several awards at once, so tally accordingly.

Got it! Good. Ok, on to the….

SNM Points / Achievements / Trophies / Pats on the Back / Golden Amulets of Agnes

Shut it! (-20)
Get caught speaking or with your mask off.

Out Of The Moment (-5)
Thinking about this point system during your stay.

I Want Candy (5)
Eat a piece of candy in the candy store.

A Toast (5)
Catch the banquet scene (not the finale).

Dirt On Your Shoes (5)
Explore the graveyard.

None Shall Pass (5)
Be blocked or ushered by a steward in a black mask.

Broken Wings (5)
Find the bird’s wing in Malcolm’s detective agency.

Wild Beast (5)
Find your way through the hedge maze.

Out, Out, Damned Spot! (5)
Hear Mrs. Macbeth ramble after she goes insane.

Love you / Hate you (5)
See any dance scene between characters that appears simultaneously amorous and violent.

In The Buff (5)
Spot an actor in any state of undress.

Court The Green Fairy (5)
Have a sip of absinthe from the bar.

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Where’d Everyone Go? (10)
Be the first person in your group out of the elevator.

Now Is The Time (10)
Catch the rave scene.

Sweet Respite (10)
Duck out into the Manderlay during the show and listen to the band.

Choco? (10)
Get fake blood on you.

Killer (10)
Catch a murder scene.

Let’s Keep Dancing (10)
Catch a performance of “Is That All There Is?” by a cast member.

Out Of Place (10)
Find a prop that clearly doesn’t come from the early 20th century.

Enchanted (10)
Have any of the witches (or Hecate) touch you.

Glenn Miller Fan (10)
Watch the bellhop dance as he cleans up the lobby.

Ouch! (10)
A cast member accidentally runs into you.

Totally Alone (10)
Walk through a whole floor without encountering a single cast or audience member.

Not Afraid (10)
Walk through the 5th floor tree maze alone.

Got Your Back (20)
Catching a feinting Lady McDuff.

Good stuff (20)
Receive a shot of liquor from the speakeasy bartender.

For your ears only (20)
Have an actor whisper in your ear something only you can hear.

Spill it! (20)
Be among the few locked into a room to see the interrogation scene.

Personal Escort (20)
After the final scene, one of the characters takes you by the hand and leads you back to the bar.

Practically Perfect (20)
Find a famous nanny in the guest registry.

Dust to Dust (20)
Hold a character’s umbrella in the graveyard.

Crack In The Wall (20)
Find the hidden AV room in the ballroom area.

May I Have This Dance? (20)
Dance with any cast member.

Hail The New Thane (20)
Watch Duncan get murdered.

Passage (20)
Go through the secret passage on the fourth floor.

Just You And Me (30)
Have a one-on-one with a cast member, with no other audience members around.

Should You Choose To Accept It (30)
Receive a mission from Hecate.

The Lady In The Red Dress (30)
Receive a note from a cast member for Hecate, and deliver it to her.

Masks Off (50)
Have a cast member take your mask off during a one-on-one.

This Will Protect You (50)
Receive a necklace from a cast member.

This Is Your Floor (100)
Find a way onto the sixth floor.


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14 Responses to “The Golden Amulets of Agnes: A Sleep No More Point System”

  1. On my last stay, I was lucky enough to get 440 points. That means I made it to the 6th floor, received the necklace, and had several other magical things happen to me. Quite a night!

  2. Is the idea that it is how many points per visit? Or can you have cumulative points?

    BTW- love it

  3. Tnx iamrin! I suppose you can have your best single visit score, and accumulate lifetime points as well. How many times have you been?

  4. 320 Not bad for my 1st visit! It was a blast points or not

  5. I just don’t know how I feel about this…

    After an event like Sleep No More, the natural response is to talk about it in that You Won’t Believe What I Just Experienced sort of way. But as the show gets dissected on social media, doesn’t it become something else? Part of me didn’t want to finish that list, and part of me wants to brag on my points (I’m so grateful for being alone in the forest. That was worth the price of admission).

    I’m headed to NYC again next month, and when the thought occurred to me to experience SNM again, I wasn’t sure what to do. First off, the family budgetary concerns must hold some weight… but foremost, can I ever see it again as I did the first time? I didn’t know that the magical forest is on the fifth floor til I read this post, and if I go again you know I’ll be making my way there, hoping for a fix that may never come again.

  6. That was actually me–Amy–in the above post. My hard drive died so I’m using Greg’s old computer, and somehow neglected to change the autofill!

  7. I had the same concern and didn’t know how I would feel on my second or third time. It was different for sure. It is so beautifully inscrutable and idiosyncratic the first time you see it. A good bit of that is lost after the first time. But for each visit I have very memorable experiences for which I will always be grateful. Each time was very different and I can barely compare them.

  8. Yeah, I can believe that. I doubt I’ll go again, but I’ll hang onto the memories.

    Let me take a moment here to say that never have I ever gotten an email notifying me of follow-up comments via email, or of new posts, after clicking said boxes on a wordpress blog. Not just yours, either. It’s annoying.

  9. That’s a drag about the notifications. I have a similar issue with your site. I think it’s just good that you experienced SNM. With your theater background, I imagine it’s especially good to see a show that pushes the envelope like that.

  10. […] to show). There’s an unofficial guide to what’s on each floor. There’s even a point system to quantify your […]

  11. Or, Could it be both? Should I be tackling each at the same time?

  12. Did you guys ever enter the secret room behind the Banquo bar? One of the boxes on the floor is a hidden entrance. How many points do you get if you enter (and get kicked out by a cast member, hahaha)?

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