Glenn Ricci, aka Delirium Dog

Glenn Ricci, aka Delirium Dog

Delirium Dog is the alter-ego of Baltimore-based multimedia artist and producer Glenn Ricci. His fascinations with sound, music, and the moving image are a driving force in his life that refuses to allow him to live a quiet existence alone on the couch playing video games. He hears and sees things that aren’t there and sets off on a journey to create them, or at least something that will make him artistically satisfied for at least five minutes.  Then it’s on to the next obsession.

His favorite gig is as sound designer for The Scarehouse, a massive and unique haunted attraction in Pittsburgh, PA. It was there that Delirium Dog was born–initially to create the soundtrack to their 3-D rave-style haunt “Delirium.” Some of the songs caught fire on Myspace (back when people used it) and Glenn discovered a new niche of haunting post-industrial electronica that he was happy to fill. His day job involves producing video content for a major government institution.

This here blog will let you in on the many learnings–some hard-fought, some totally lucky–that have resulted from Glenn’s serial obsessions. Huzzah.

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