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First Delirium Dog Live Set

Posted in Free Downloads, Music, Performance, Scarehouse on November 7, 2011 by deliriumdog

After several weeks in which I spent every waking moment preparing for the first live performance of Delrium Dog, I finally have to time to stand back and take stock. We recorded a good bit of it and I’m surprised how much I’m happy with it overall. I just made one set available for download (below) and the only editing I did was to snip a couple minutes out of T.O.L.S, which I played live for about 20 minutes.

Click fast! This will only be available for a few weeks (or until I run out of space on Soundcloud and need to replace it). Click the little arrow on the right to download for free.

The deal was that sometimes the groups passing through the Scarehouse would be spaced out more than five or ten minutes apart. This was not often, but during those times I would go into a holding pattern until the next group showed up. This made for a recording that was, to my ears, irritatingly repetitive at times. So now if you find the edited recording to be irritatingly repetitive, I have not excuse other than it seemed to make sense at the time.

The first three tracks (“Summoned,” “Stay” and “T.O.L.S.”) are extended versions of the ones found on Delirium Dog’s first two albums. The last tune, “Shragger’s Blues,” came from my new fascination with Abelton Live. While all the music was performed using Live, all the little bits were reassembled from Logic Pro. “Shragger’s” is the first tune that I composed completely within the program. The hot drum beats come from a solo I recorded from drummer Rich Shragger back in 1999, when we were in a band together. When the horn section kicks in, it’s from a 1929 recording of “Blue Is The Night” ( And other sounds from I don’t know where.

On the tail end of “Stay” is a dubstep style riff that also did not exist before I was preparing for the live show. When I was saving the pieces in Logic Pro, I found myself creating new permutations as well as saving bits that never made the final mix. In some cases, they sound like a whole new song.


Fun With

Posted in Creativity, Digital Culture, Free Downloads, Uncategorized on June 27, 2011 by deliriumdog

I could use this first post in weeks to dwell upon how busy I’ve been with the new recording and other ventures.  But hey! Why do that when there are so many cool new distracting toys to play with? Like, which will take a photo and render it with the text of your choosing.

What amazes me about tools like this is how wonderfully cool they are when you first encounter them, and then how quickly they can become commonplace. Then, they can eventually become stale or just overused. We’ll see how this one fares.

Note  that it only works in some browsers (I used Firefox). In other browsers it can appear to only half-work and might leave you confused.

You can adjust several parameters, so it’s worth trying some different settings to get just the right effect. Have fun!

Download: “Paratechnoid”

Posted in Delirium Dog, Free Downloads, Music, Music Making, Scarehouse, Soundscapes on February 19, 2011 by deliriumdog

(To skip right to the free download, click downward arrow to the right of the waveform for “Paratechnoid”.)

This track is one of my favorites. Like the previous download, Wandering Souls, it has been with me for a while (since 1999, I believe) and is usually in the mix of songs played  at the entrance to The Scarehouse. I know that parts of it will come back as a Delirium Dog song (with beats and other elements), but I think it stands well on it’s own. Listening to it now, it sounds like something from a movie soundtrack, which is probably what I was going for.

View in Soundlcloud

Also like Wandering Souls, it was composed in Metasynth.

Note: you can download this track and copy it freely for your own enjoyment, but I’m retaining on to all rights for any other use.

Download: Soundscape to “Delirium’s Dream”

Posted in Delirium Dog, Free Downloads, Music, Music Making, Soundscapes on February 6, 2011 by deliriumdog

(Note: To skip right to the free download, scroll down to the first track, “Wandering Souls” and click the downward arrow to the right of the waveform.)

AND now, time for what will be a recurring feature on this blog, which I call “Posting Actual Sound and/or Music that I’ve  Made (Because That Is What This Blog Is Supposed To Be About) and Write a Bit About It.”  (The feature needs a catchier name than that. Any suggestions?)  I’ll be featuring tracks that you can’t find anywhere else, so consider yourself lucky while I’ll consider myself priveledged to have the attention of your ears.  Thus, the golden circle of creation and consumption is completed.

This track is a sound bed I created many moons ago for The Scarehouse, before they were all successful and stuff. I cannot remember how it was used in the haunt, but it was part of a collection of soundscapes that I made and were deemed cool and creepy enough to add atmosphere to the haunted merriment.

Later on, this track was used as a backdrop for the album track “Delirium’s Dream.”  I initially had some beats and a few ideas, but it was not quite enough for a complete track. It needed something to tie it together, and make it sound more creepy. I recalled this track, which was sitting around unused, and dropped it in behind the beats and viola, a Delirium Dog classic was born.

I find that listening to the naked sound effect track is a lot more creepy than listening to the song. I dare ya to wait for a time when you’re along at night, put on your headphones, and just try to get through the whole thing without pulling the headphones off and asking out loud if anyone is there.

Here is the naked sound bed, titled “Wandering Souls”:

View in SoundCloud

And here is “Delirium’s Dream” in which I brazenly plagiarized myself in order to crank out a new industrial trance track. It’s the longest track on the album, which I think owes a lot to the original track above.

View in SoundCloud

Wandering Souls was created using a lovely piece of software called MetaSynth, which I was obsessed with a few years ago. (I haven’t upgraded to the latest version, but it’s on my list! My old version doesn’t even run on new Macs, so I am currently without it. Aww.) Delirium’s Dream was composed in Logic Pro.

One thing you’ll notice is that the naked track has more of a dynamic range. For the dance track, the volume was compressed so that the lows were boosted and the whole thing could stand up in the mix. You can tell this just by comparing the two waveforms above.  Wandering Souls has more peaks and valleys while Delirium’s Dream is more uniformly loud. Most music tracks you hear (other than classical) make heavy use of compression to raise the overall loudness and improve the odds that the listener will hear and notice the music in loud environments (bars, clubs, your car…).  The Wandering Souls track has little or no compression, and I think it is a lot scarier as a result. It’s as if some of the voices are further away and then others reach right out and touch you.  Love that.

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